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The Great YouTube Purge of March 2016!?!

Posted by MrGamma 
The Great YouTube Purge of March 2016!?!
April 09, 2016 08:31AM
There is something incredible happening inside Google Youtube search trends, which is a new section of Google Trends. So before we begin, lets remember, that even the sharpest analyst and the keenest team of Google programmers can be prone to make a mistake. I mean this could be nothing more than some type of new feature inside youtube auto suggesting search terms, plus these are stats inside youtube only, they are not statistics from the core Google web search, however, these statistics are here for you to enjoy!

ASMR is exploding! It is lighting up as few other search trends in history have ever! It is truly an exciting moment.

The truly bizarre part is that ASMR Stars, or Artists if you prefer, are plummeting in search. I mean, almost every single one has taken a massive beating over the last couple of months.

This isn't limited to ASMR Artists, it follows through to Youtube stars in the Gaming and Comedy categories also! It's mind boggling!

Meanwhile, general search terms such as DIY have also taken a large drop in search volume. Yet ASMR continues to skyrocket!

Please, take the time to visit these search statistics yourself inside Google trends, if this interests you, as I have not the time to do a full analysis.

The only important thing to remember is that ASMR is exploding! Absolutely exploding, while everything else seems to be plummeting.
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